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Professional team of consultants in management and business planning.

MIO Consult Ltd. is a small family company established in the spirit of international business cooperation to support the successful entry of foreign companies on the Bulgarian market and Bulgarian companies on international markets. We believe that the world is evolving thanks to shared international experience and cooperation.

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For us, every business partnership is invaluable and lasting, and the success of our partners is also a success for us.

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Моника Моралийска-Иванова

Monica Moraliyska-Ivanova

Founder and Owner

Dr. Monica Moraliyska is a Senior Assistant in the Department of International Economic Relations and Business at the University of National and World Economy. He teaches disciplines related to EU policies and economics, European integration and the EU institutions, as well as those in the field of international economic relations and EU foreign trade policy. She has worked in the Communications Regulation Commission, in the Ministry of Economy, as well as in a consulting company for the development of international projects. Her research interests and publications are in the field of international trade, European economic integration and the EU economy, in the regional economic cooperation of the Balkan countries, and in recent years she has researched issues related to the EU social dimension, poverty and inequality in the Union. and Bulgaria, as well as the social effects of the introduction of new technologies and the digitalization of the economy and society.

Иван Иванов

Ivan Ivanov


Ivan Ivanov graduated from the French High School in Sofia and the University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy. He specializes in the Higher National Institute of Chemical Technology (ENSIGC), Toulouse. Master of Business Administration from the Francophone Institute of Administration and Management in Sofia and from the American University in Blagoevgrad. He has been in the water and sanitation sector since 1999, starting his career as an intern at the French company Lyonaisse des eaux in projects related to the management of processes and assets in the water supply of Paris. Until 2012 he was part of the team of Sofiyska Voda AD, passing through the positions of Director of Directorate, General Secretary and Procurator of the company. He won the recognition of the main shareholder as a key participant in the process of renegotiation of the Concession Agreement of the Sofia water supply and sewerage system. For 8 years he has been the Chairman of the Bulgarian Water Association. He is a member of the Board of the European Federation of National Associations for Water and Sewerage Services (EUREAU) and Executive Director of the Association “Industrial Cluster of Underground Infrastructure” – ICPI. He manages and participates as an expert in successful projects, including: of Gabrovo Integrated project for the water cycle of Vratsa “Promoting the development of modern technologies for construction and rehabilitation of underground infrastructure” As Chairman of the Board of “Bulgarian Water Holding Holding” EAD in the first year of its existence viable and sustainable organization.